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Cosmetic Surgery for Men

by Stewart P. Wang
Plastic Surgery for Men in Pasadena and Inland Empire

What does it mean to be a man today? The strong, silent type who was so popular during your dad's generation is giving way to a modern man who is comfortable taking care of himself and others. You can be a nurturing father. You can treat your partner with mutual respect and adoration. You can take action to stay handsome and healthy. Men who value their health are integrating cosmetic procedures into their medical treatment plans. Cosmetic surgery offers more than just style-it's an excellent way to feel more confident, attractive, and energized.

In some circles, men still view cosmetic surgery with suspicion, but you know better. Last year, over 1 million cosmetic procedures were performed for men, an 8% increase since the beginning of the decade. Smart men know that looking good and feeling good about themselves are important factors in their success, both at home and on the job. Dr. Wang encourages you to investigate the options, and take action to solve your cosmetic problems.

Face the Facts: Times Have Changed

Not so long ago, the ideal man was the rugged loner type whose leathery, wrinkled skin evidenced his years spent working outdoors. But times have changed, and rough skin is now as unflattering on men as it is on women. You don't have to get involved in complicated treatments with various creams, splashes, exfoliants and other "beauty" products. Instead, rely on Dr. Wang to help develop and implement a treatment plan for your specific skin type.

One popular cosmetic procedure for men is rhinoplasty, or nose surgery. In fact, men account for almost a third of all rhinoplasties each year. Nose surgery is a great way to correct a nose that is large, crooked, or off-center. Often, rhinoplasty can transform the look of your whole face. Men also turn to dermabrasion and facelift to revive the appearance of their faces.

Another popular facial treatment for men is BOTOX® Cosmetic. Last year, men underwent almost 300,000 BOTOX® Cosmetic treatments. Men who have not moisturized and properly cleansed their skin over the years are particularly susceptible to wrinkles, and in addition to BOTOX® Cosmetic, many men also turn to such wrinkle fillers as Juvederm®, Restylane®, and Radiesse®.

Cosmetic Procedures: The Ultimate Body Builder

Video: Your Guide to Gynecomastia Men have more options than ever to shape their bodies and polish their look. One popular procedure is male breast reduction to correct gynecomastia. Also, even if you get plenty of exercise and eat pretty good, you still might have love handles, belly fat, or some other small area where stubborn fat just won't go away. For these areas, liposuction offers a great way to permanently reduce the number of fat cells, meaning that you can maintain your slimmed-down look with your regular diet and exercise regimen.

As a man, you're probably in constant battle with hair on some part of your body. Whether it's trying to stop a receding hairline or plucking hair from unwanted places, it may seem like the fight will never end. Bald may be beautiful again, but thick hair on the back, neck, and other unwanted places will never be in style. To permanently reduce the amount of unwanted hair on your body, look into laser hair removal .

Dr. Wang has the tools to help you look your best. To find out how Dr. Wang can help you look and feel more healthy, request a consultation online at any one of his two convenient Southern California offices in Pasadena or Upland (in the Inland Empire), or call (888) 360-6688 today.

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