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Laser Liposuction: SmartLipo™ & Acculift™

by Stewart P. Wang
Pasadena Laser Liposuction Inland Empire

Liposuction is a popular cosmetic option for women and men who want to remove excess fat from areas of the body and face. Laser technology improves upon the accuracy and quality of results and gives Dr. Stewart Wang the ability to enhance outcomes for patients considering liposuction in the Pasadena or Riverside, CA areas.

Many people know laser liposuction by the brand names Smartlipo® and ProLipo™. For his laser lipo procedures, Dr. Wang uses the latest generations of both Smartlipo® Triplex from Cynosure® and AccuSculpt™ (AccuLift™) Laser Lipo-Sculpting System from Lutronic®. Both Smartlip and AccuLift offer specialized wavelength for enhanced safety, speed and efficiency during fat reduction. Laserlipo uses small incisions and transmits select or a combination of laser energy to rupture fat cells, which then can be suctioned out or removed by your body naturally over time. The precise laser beam targets fat cells while minimizing heating of surrounding tissues

Dr. Wang is the first doctor in Pasadena and Inland Empire to offer both Smartlipo and AccuSculpt for advanced body contouring. He believes that the combination offers a number of advantages for his patients who want to improve their body shape. In fact, it may be more accurate to refer to the procedure as "liposculpture" because of the precise sculpting that can be performed, based on the patient’s body shape and fat density, and the treatment area.

If you're ready to discuss laser liposculpture in more detail, now is a great time to schedule a consultation with Dr. Wang at our plastic surgery offices, serving Southern California including Pasadena, Arcadia and Riverside. You can request a consultation online or call Wang Plastic Surgery at 866.486.9149 today to schedule your appointment.

In addition to laser liposuction, Dr. Wang also offers traditional liposuction techniques including tumescent, ultrasound-assisted lipoplasty (UAL), power-assisted lipoplasty (PAL) and the super-wet technique. In your initial consultation, Dr. Wang will recommend a technique that is best for you, based on the location of your fat deposits and the condition of your skin.

What are the benefits of laser liposculpture?

Laser-assisted liposuction offers a number of advantages over traditional techniques for certain patients. These advantages include:

  • Improved accuracy: The laser allows Dr. Wang to very precisely sculpt excess fat for custom-tailored results.
  • Easier treatment: The laser rapidly passes through connective tissue, requiring less effort during surgery.
  • Easier recovery: Because less surrounding tissue is disrupted, recovery is quicker and more comfortable.
  • Enhanced safety: AccuSculpt can remove fat with less trauma to patients, providing a safer procedure.

How does AccuLift compare to Smartlipo Triplex?

While both devices utilize similar technology, the latest generations utilize a combination of wavelengths. Based on the treatment area and Patient’s condition, Dr. Wang will determine the use of either Smartlipo or AccuLift to deliver a more reliable and satisfying result of the patient. Selection of the wavelength of light is critical to maximize fat reduction while minimizing adverse effects on surrounding tissue, and less downtime.

How is laser liposuction performed?

The addition of laser technology does not dramatically change how liposuction is performed. After local, regional or general anesthesia is administered, small incisions are made through which Dr. Wang inserts the specially-designed AccuSculpt wand to break up the fat cells.

What can I expect after my procedure?

As with traditional liposuction techniques, some pain, burning, swelling, stiffness, bleeding and temporary numbness may occur. Dr. Wang can prescribe pain medication or antibiotics as needed for your comfort. To enhance results and keep the skin looking tight and firm, you may need to wear a snug elastic garment over the treated area for a few weeks.

What is the recovery period like?

Generally, laser lipo patients recover quickly, and begin to feel like themselves again in a week or two. Most swelling and bruising will resolve within 3 weeks. Strenuous activities should be avoided for about a month so that your body has time to heal. Read Dr. Wang's advice about recovery from surgery.

How long before I can return to normal activity?

You should be able to return to work within a few days after surgery, but Dr. Wang will advise you about when you can add exercise and more strenuous activity back into your daily routine.

The information about Laser Liposuction is provided for Riverside and Pasadena, CA area residents courtesy of Dr. Stewart Wang, a board certified plastic surgeon.


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