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ThermiTight™ Skin Tightening

by Stewart P. Wang
ThermiTight™ Skin Tightening in Pasadena & Inland Empire

Whether it’s the skin on your face, chin, breast, stomach, arms or thighs, life experiences like weight change, pregnancy, lifestyle change, sun damage, and simply aging are causing our skin to wrinkle, sag and lose its elasticity. There’s only so much that wrinkle creams, firming lotions, diets & exercise, ultrasound and laser treatments can do. But there’s still hope! ThermiTight™ skin tightening treatment will help you smooth out the sagging skin in no time!

ThermiRF™ is the first FDA approved aesthetic device that uses radio frequency (RF) thermal heating and precise temperature control to treat a variety of cosmetic soft tissue areas of the face, neck, jowls, arms, breasts, abdomen, legs, and body. ThermiTight™ is a minimally invasive skin tightening procedure, alternative to surgery, that uses controlled radio frequency heat to directly stimulate collagen production below the skin surface, improving skin texture and promoting skin tightening. ThermiTight™ is suitable for anyone who hates loose skin at your jawline and neck or anywhere on your body but not quite for a surgical lift. To understand your treatment options, request a consultation online or call Wang Plastic Surgery in Pasadena and Inland Empire area at (888) 360-6688 today to schedule your appointment.

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What is ThermiTight™ and what is the procedure like?

ThermiTight™ is a skin tightening treatment targeting the lose skin on face and body, using radiofrequency energy targeting the subdermal tissue. A needle-point incision is made for the targeted area and the probe is inserted to heat the skin from below to stimulate the production of collagen.

Dr. Wang will apply a controlled amount of thermal energy to the targeted tissue. The tip of the tiny probe will provide constant feedback of the actual temperature during the treatment. At the same time, an infrared camera is used to monitor skin temperature to ensure that your treatment is both safe and effective.

What is the difference between ThermiTight™ and other non-invasive skin tightening ultrasound or laser treatments?

ThermiTight™ is minimally invasive where a needle puncture allows the probe to treat beneath the skin, deeper into the dermis tissue. The tightening effect is better and lasts longer.


How long does ThermiTight™ procedure take?

The procedure takes about 1-2 hours depending on the treated area(s).

Does ThermiTight™ procedure hurt?

No. ThermiTight™ is performed under local anesthesia. Most patients have minimal to no discomfort after the procedure. Any discomfort can be treated with Tylenol (Acetaminophen). Rarely will any stronger pain medications be necessary.

How long before I see results of ThermiTight™?

Visible results can be expected immediately, and improves over time. Most patients start to see results in 30 days after the procedure but the results will continue to improve over the next several months. In about 3 months most of the results are seen, but they can continue to improve for about one year after the procedure.

Is there any downtime?

Patients may experience swelling for 1-2 days, with possible bruising for some patients. Most patients can return to normal activity within 1-2 days, but for some patients swelling may last from 3 to 7 days after the procedure. Neck wrap and compression garment is recommended for recovery.

How long will the results last?

The long-term results will vary according to the age of the patient, the site treated and other factors. The treatment results have been shown to last a long time - at least several years.

Can I combine ThermiTight™ with other procedures?

ThermiTight™ can be combined with other cosmetic procedures such as laser liposuction. Smart Lipo is frequently combined for the treatment of excess fat. Dr. Wang will make recommendations accordingly to your condition.

ThermiTight™ is for someone who has sagging skin that has not responded to diet, exercise or other skin care regiments or procedures and not quite ready to undergo a more invasive procedure like a facelift, breast lift, tummy tuck, or body lift. If you are in Pasadena, La Cañada Flintridge, San Marino, Arcadia, in Los Angeles and San Gabriel Valley and would like to receive consultation regarding ThermiTight™ treatment, please contact Wang Plastic Surgery Pasadena Office. Wang Plastic Surgery Upland also receives ThermiTight™ patients from Claremont, Rancho Cucamonga, Montclair, Riverside, and Chino in the San Bernardino County. Request a consultation online or call us at (888) 360-6688 today to schedule your appointment.

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