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Read what our patients are saying about Wang Plastic Surgery...

I had rhinoplasty with Dr. Wang two months ago after having gone to consultations with 3 plastic surgeons total. I'm Asian and I wanted surgeons who had extensive experience operating on the Asian bone structure because it's especially challenging. To my surprise, the other two doctors had a one-step "cure all" plan for operating on my nose and didn't consider other procedures to achieve the look that I was going for. I've never had surgery before so even after my first free consultation with Dr. Wang, I still had questions and he offered me a second consultation also at no charge. I figured that if he was willing to spend more time on me, he must've been confident that his plan for my surgery would win me over... and it did!

His knowledge and skill is truly unmatched from what I've seen. I was impressed by his education, medical affiliations, and decade of practice but the most important part was his honesty, realistic approach and my flawless result. He told me what was possible and not possible given my nasal anatomy. He and his staff were so prompt and attentive in responding to my MANY emails during my needlessly jittery weeks leading up to the surgery and never once did they seem annoyed when they called/emailed me back. Whenever I was in the office, I knew he had other patients but I was never rushed and he always gave my questions his full attention and he is very kind, never answering rudely even if my questions are ones that he's heard countless times or if i ask questions that are nitpicky. The consultations, pre-ops, surgery bedside manner, and post-ops have been excellent

Best of all is the most important part, the surgery itself. I knew what I wanted and he was able to grasp that. I had around 6 or 7 techniques done to achieve the look I wanted, including something to improve my breathing (I've rarely been able to breathe out of my left nostril and it has never closed up since the surgery!). Had I gone with a doctor who wanted to do a quick fix rhinoplasty, there's no way it would've turned out like this. I know this because I know two Asians whose rhinoplasties were of that sort and it yielded minimal, unattractive results.

Family friends and coworkers tell me that they don't notice the surgery but that isn't because nothing changed, it's drastically different but it looks so natural and fits my features so well that it honestly looks like I was born with it even though I'm just in the beginning stages of healing. When I compare it to old photos, it's a huge difference. I'm incredibly pleased because after years of being unhappy with my nose, I now have one that is the perfect nose for my face and it was everything I asked for (not to the full extent because of anatomical limitations but noticeable). When you've spent years saving up for a surgery that will change the way you look forever, this is exactly what you want.

Dr. Wang did an absolutely beautiful job on my nose. It brings out all my other features and looks great from every angle. I don't think anyone else could've tailored my nose the way he did. It was a great experience. I was hoping that after surgery, I'd stop looking in the mirror (and lament over my nose) but now I look in the mirror ALL THE TIME because this is the nose I feel like I should've been looking at all these years.



Client Testimonial Card Client Testimonial Card Dear Dr. Wang

Thank You, for your generosity and continued efforts to help me and my skin condition… I truly appreciate your kindness and all you do. I will forever be grateful and will never forget what you’ve done for me. God Bless you and your family.

It is your kindness and sincere care for your patients that separate you form other surgeons!!

Thank You, You Rock !

Sugey Bernal



Client Testimonial Card Client Testimonial Card Dr Wang and Staff,

Thank You very Much for your kind attention throughout this wonderful experience that I had thought about but did not plan until a few months ago and I made the right decision to have my surgery performed by Dr Wang.

I am very grateful for the professionalism and attention to detail given to me throughout this journey. Thank you again Dr. Wang and may God bless you and your staff.

Isela Ruacho



Client Testimonial CardAfter researching top cosmetic plastic surgeons for over a two year period I made my decision that Dr. Stewart Wang was the best choice for me. My being very cautious about who to trust my face with for a permanent procedure was my biggest concern. I went in for neck liposuction. I was terrified about feeling any pain. To my happy surprise I did not experience any pain. My healing process has give me beautiful results.

I am taking my time to write this testimony because not only am I 100% satisfied with my results, the staff are great as well. I am treated with kindness and courtesy every time I visit his office. I have also found a new place to shop for my facial cosmetics. I have had dark circles under my eyes for about 10 years. Dr. Wang recommended an eye cream for my skin type and the dark circles were gone after 30 days of use. It took a lot of courage for me to follow through in having my procedure done and I am so happy that I did.

C age 52
May 2011



Client Testimonial CardDear Dr. Wang & Lovely Staff,

Thank you with all my heart for everything you've done. You have changed my life & I am truly grateful. Thank you for the smiles that always greeted me at the front desk, and thank you for the kindness you all have shown me! Love to all of you! God Bless

With Love & Respect,



I am a very satisfied and happy patient of Dr Stewart Wang. When I decided to have a tummy tuck and breast augmentation my husband and I did some research on what the experts said were the qualifications required in order to select a competent plastic surgeon. Dr. Wang met and superseded all the qualifications that were required, so we made an appointment for a consultation.

When I met him, I was a bit apprehensive about the surgery and I had a variety of questions. He was very cordial and professional. He asked me a lot of questions and answered all of mine. He told me that doing both surgeries at one time was not in the best interest of my health due to my age. He suggested that I should have the tummy tuck done first and that once my body had completely recovered, he would do the breast augmentation. I was really impressed because he showed more concern for my health than for doing multiple procedures on me. He told me how much weight I had to lose before the procedure could be done and to make an appointment to see him when I was ready.

Three months later I was ready and I went to see Dr. Wang. He explained the procedure and we scheduled the surgery for December 23rd. Everything went very well and Dr Wang stayed with me until the effects of the anesthesia wore off. The personnel at the Four Seasons Surgery Center were excellent. I went to his office the following morning, he examined me and was very satisfied with the results. It was Christmas Eve and he told us that he was going out of town, but he gave me his personal cell phone number and said if anything went wrong, to call him and he would fly back to see me immediately. That really impressed me. That he would care that much for his patient was just great.

I have seen Dr Wang on numerous occasions to check on my recovery and progress. I just became a graduate from the procedure and my tummy tuck looks great. I have minimal scarring and it is the best thing that I have done for myself.

I cannot stop saying how great Dr Wang is. He is just excellent and I would recommend him highly to anyone that is planning to have cosmetic surgery. I cannot leave out his excellent staff, especially Michelle, who was there with me from the beginning to the end. Thank you so much Michelle.

Dr Wang, thank you so much for everything that you did for me and the dedication that you showed me. Next step, "The Boobs"



Client Testimonial CardClient Testimonial CardDear Dr. Wang and All the Gang at Wang Plastic Surgery:

Thank you all so much for your excellent skills and personal attention the last 2 years regarding my excursions into the world of plastic surgery - fascinating!

Thank you so much for the gift certificates, too! I hope to see you in the future.




Client Testimonial CardDear Dr. Wang, Maureen, Stephanie, Melissa and ALL:

I love my new body! The best present this year I could have given myself.

Dr. W - thank you for your excellent work and artistry; thank you, STAFF, for your cheerfulness and attention!

I'd recommend the office ANY time!

Breast reduction patient,



Dear Dr. Wang,

Please accept my sincere THANK YOU...for the wonderful work you did. My breast reconstruction was well worth the small amount of discomfort I experienced.

To be able to wear clothes and look completely normal, though I lost one breast to cancer, is a real boost to my personal view of self.

Your sincere consideration of what I personally wanted to achieve physically was so superior to some other doctor's approach. The information you provided in guiding me along the way was needed and appreciated.

I wish all breast cancer patients who can, would consider reconstruction, it was really easy.

Now I look in the mirror and see a whole person, which makes me very happy.


P.S. Your staff are terrific, especially Venus!



Dearest Dr. Stewart Wang,

Client Testimonial CardI just want to express my heartfelt appreciation to all of you for making my recent breast augmentation on May 12 such a wonderful and exciting experience. Venus was extremely friendly and attentive; making me felt so much at ease. Maria, another wonderful staff, showed me her scars and reassured me that the pain was fairly minimal and she was exactly right. I worried over for nothing and by day two I was feeling much better and able to get out of bed without much pain. These extra miles make me feel more comfortable knowing that they sincerely care for their clients. You, Stewart had thoroughly explained all the options that were available to me and made it easy for me to make a decision. Your expertise indeed stands out from the other 2 plastic surgeons that I had previous consulted with. I would indeed love to express my gratitude to you Stewart.

My dad is a surgeon and I know how much he takes pride in his work and how he changes people's life. Hence, it's significant for me to give the utmost appreciation and respect to someone that transformed my life for the very best. In life, we often indulge ourselves in luxury things and forget to show others how much we appreciate them. Thus, the least I can do is to given the opportunity to say Gracias.

I will definitely refer you to all my friends. Who knows I might come back for Botox when I hit 40 yrs old or perhaps I might eventually get liposuction after I'm done having children. Again, thank you and your knowledgeable staff from the bottom of my heart for the excellent service.

Yours truly,



Client Testimonial CardDearest Dr. Wang, Maria & Staff,

Thank you so much for my gift card! It was so generous and kind for you to remember me at this hectic time — you are all too sweet! I am leaving for Hong Kong in 3 days, I am so excited — especially with my BOTOX® Cosmetic and Restylane® you gave me (secret!) I look like a million bucks! I am sending someone I met to you for a consult — I hope she becomes another patient!
Love always, N.B.


Client Testimonial Card


I just wanted to thank you all for the beautiful flowers! So sweet! It made me so happy! Thank you guys for being so sweet & nice too!!


Client Testimonial Card


Dear Dr. Wang & Maria,

Thank you so much for the gift cert. to Victoria Secret. Whoo Whoo! This was such a very nice thought!! You guys are the best.
Love and Peace, L.C.



Client Testimonial CardDear Dr. Wang & Staff,

Just a note to show our appreciation for the gift certificate you sent us, and your diligent work ethics.
Sincerely, P.B. & J.B.



Client Testimonial CardDear Dr. Wang & Staff,

It was so thoughtful of you to send me flowers. All of you have made it such a pleasure being a patient! You are kind, considerate & compassionate, never change!
Thanks again! N.B. & Family

Just wanted to say, "Thank You" so much for being so kind and wonderful, not just with my first visit and pre-op appointment but for the very first time I had spoke with you to make an appointment. After I spoke with you, due to Dr. X had recommended me to Dr. Wang after I had made an appointment with Dr. X, I was so pleased with you and your comforting and wonderful customer service that I had no hesitation to cancel with Dr. X office. I am so glad I was given the chance to meet you & Dr. Wang. After meeting with Dr. Wang & you, normally one would go consult with another plastic surgeon to look around but I was so pleased and happy with you both that I didn't even think once to go see the other doctor. And that is very unusual for me. So you both obviously had given me an extremely Great &Wonderful impression!!! Once again, "Thank You" so much!!! More than words can say or express. So here's a little something for my Appreciation!!!!!
Sincerely, L.E.

"I felt comfort with Dr. Wang and his staff. They were very down to earth, answered all my questions and eased my worries. Dr. Wang did an amazing job! He has an eye for beauty and magical hands. I am very pleased with my results. If I had to do the procedure over again, I would definitely choose Dr. Wang."


Client Testimonial Card


Dr. Wang & Great Staff,

Thanks so much for your office's friendliness and thoughtfulness. The flowers on the day of my surgery reduced all nervousness.
Sincerely, R.A.



"Dr. Wang and his staff genuinely care for their patients. They were very professional and knowledgeable. I was very pleased with Dr. Wang's care, pre post and surgical. The operation was successful and surprisingly pain free. I am very pleased with the results. I think now I have the best belly button out of all of my friends."



"Dr. Wang has a special gift, an ability to correct surgical mistakes performed by others. He is exceptionally talented and I would recommend him without hesitation. He made me feel confident and secure about my decision during the complete surgical process. He is one of the best plastic surgeon out there."


Client Testimonial Card


Dr. Wang & Staff,

Thank you for everything. Doctors do make a difference, and their staff. Keep up the excellent service!!



"Dr. Wang is very good at his job which is cosmetic plastic surgery. My family, friends, and I are ecstatic with the results. I wish to express my sincere thanks to you for the fine and competent care you took of me pre and post surgery. You and your staff carry such positive personalities and nurturing qualities. I appreciate that you made an uncomfortable day as pleasant as possible. I have the highest respect for your entire office and feel blessed to be taken care of by such special people. You made me feel at ease with your sincerity and warmth. I would highly recommend Dr. Wang to anyone who wants a surgeon that is truly skillful at their job.



Client Testimonial CardDr. Wang & Great Staff,

Thank you for always being so nice. I always have fun visiting your office. I am so happy with my new body! You guys are the best!
Love, D.



"I am very pleased with the results and would like to thank Dr. Wang for his honesty and personal attention after surgery."



"The changes that happened to my body following the births of my three children were very drastic. It changed my self esteem, which affected other areas of my life, but trying to decide on having cosmetic surgery was even tougher. It was very scary not knowing what the outcome would be and what it would require of me. Dr. Wang and Maria were very informative and guided me through the whole procedure without fail. I never felt confused or alone, but rather confident that I was being taken care of. There was nothing impersonal about my experience. I in no way felt like I was just another patient and the best part is that I am very happy with the results. Thank you both."



"I had the privilege of having Dr. Wang as my reconstructive doctor after having sustained an injury during a horse race where my nose was broken, my right eye was severely fractured requiring a plate and six screws. The surgery was a success. Now with time I look good as new again. I would and have recommended Dr. Wang to anyone I know having any problems in this area. Dr. Wang is professional and a perfectionist with a flare. As far as communication, he makes you feel very comfortable and explains every detail."



"From my first consultation to my actual surgery and my follow up visits Dr. Wang has been GREAT!!! His professionalism and patient concern has really changed my mind about physicians in a good way. Not only did he take the time out to explain the entire procedure, but he gave me a sincere feeling of caring. The surgery was very long, but the outcome was worth it. After looking at different pictures and documentaries on plastic surgery, I was skeptical about having breast reduction. The results are phenomenal. My breasts look GREAT. I would recommend any lady that is interested in any type of breast reconstruction to come to Dr. Wang , he is an awesome plastic surgeon."

These are actual quotes from patients that responded anonymously through a survey we send.

"I was totally satisfied with my surgery that I had with Doctor Wang! He was wonderful and so was all of his office staff!"

"You and your staff provided the best service. Maria, and the staff made the whole experience with my surgery extremely pleasant and set me at ease almost immediately."

"Everything worked out perfectly for me. Thank you."

"...could not ask for anything better..."

"Everything was perfect and I am greatly satisfied with the service. All my questions were answered and I got exactly what I wanted and expected. I had the greatest experience and would come back for more procedures. The staff and the Physician are wonderful and very helpful. The outcome of the procedure was fantastic and I am happy with the results."

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Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Stewart Wang specializes in Pasadena breast augmentation as well as breast enhancement, hair transplant, face lift, laser hair removal, eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), nose surgery (rhinoplasty), abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) and breast lift. He has offices in Upland, and Pasadena and serves Southern California including La Verne, Glendora, San Dimas, Chino Hills, Diamond Bar, Yorba Linda, Riverside and Rancho Cucamonga.


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