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Sculptra® Dermal Filler

by Stewart P. Wang
Sculptra Aesthetic Dermal Filler Pasadena and Inland Empire

Finally, an injectable treatment that offers long-lasting results! Wang Plastic Surgery is proud to offer Sculptra for people in Pasadena and the Inland Empire. This dermal filler can lessen the appearance of aging for up to 2 years.

Sculptra works deep within the dermis to replace lost collagen in the skin and correct the look of facial folds and wrinkles around the nose, mouth, and chin. This innovative new treatment gradually restores the skin's youthful suppleness so that you see subtle improvements develop over time. For this reason, Sculptra is ideal for people who prefer more natural results.

If you're ready to see those lines and wrinkles around your mouth gently fade away, then contact Dr. Wang for a consultation. You can request a consultation online or call Wang Plastic Surgery at (888) 360-6688 today to schedule your appointment.

What are the common benefits of Sculptra?

Sculptra can help bring back the skin's youthful "bounce" by adding volume to areas of the face that have lost collagen. With each treatment, the look of facial folds and wrinkles around the mouth and cheeks slowly diminishes as the skin regains its fullness. Sculptra produces noticeable results over time and helps to refine the facial contours for an overall more lifted and refreshed look. The long-lasting effects of Sculptra can be seen for up to 2 years.

How are Sculptra injections performed?

Each Sculptra session is tailored to a patient's individual skin concerns in order to ensure optimal results. Typically, a series of 3 injections over the course of a few months is recommended so that each subsequent session helps to reinforce the skin's new structure. Depending on the degree of correction needed, the treatment area may be numbed with a topical anesthetic prior to treatment to minimize any discomfort.

How long do Sculptra treatments take?

Sculptra treatments can generally take between 20 to 30 minutes, depending on the number of injections required.

What can I expect after my Sculptra treatment?

We take precautionary measures to avoid any adverse side effects after treatment. However, some people might experience minor pain, redness, bruising, bleeding, itching, or swelling at the injection site. Small bumps under the skin may slowly develop near the treated area, which can disappear on their own. Results typically appear slowly over the course of several weeks and last up to 2 years.

How long before I can return to normal activity?

There is no downtime associated with Sculptra. You should be able to resume your daily routine immediately.

Many people throughout Southern California come to Wang Plastic Surgery for non-surgical facial rejuvenation treatments in addition to Sculptra Aesthetic, including BOTOX® Cosmetic, LATISSE® eyelash growth solution, and Thermage® for skin tightening.

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