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Silhouette Lift®

by Stewart P. Wang
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Silhouette Lift® is an innovative, non-invasive facelift procedure that is FDA approved for use in the US. The Silhouette Lift is a gentle alternative to a standard facelift. Without the use of a scalpel, without any cutting or pulling, with reduced scarring and minimal recovery time, and without the need for general anesthesia, the Silhouette Lift creates a natural looking lift by elevating and fixating the tissues of the mid-face, brow and neck with barbed polypropylene threads. The Silhouette Lift® can achieve 60-70% of the results of a conventional facelift and can be re-adjusted over time for additional enhancement as the aging process continues.

To hear more about this fantastic procedure and to determine if you are a candidate for a Silhouette Lift, now is a great time to request a consultation online with Dr. Wang at our plastic surgery offices, serving the greater Pasadena, Riverside, and Inland Empire areas. You can also call Wang Plastic Surgery at (888) 360-6688 today to schedule your appointment.

What are the benefits of a Silhouette Lift?

The Silhouette Lift offers many benefits for patients seeking the likeness of a facelift without the surgery. 

  • Silhouette Lift is performed under local anesthesia with mild sedation so there is no need for general anesthesia, which significantly reduces certain risks associated with general surgery.
  • Silhouette Lift is a minimally invasive procedure, which reduces the amount and size of external scars, which also reduces the amount of recovery time.
  • Silhouette Lift procedures take only an hour or less depending on the number of threads used.
  • Silhouette Lift threads are clear and cannot be seen even on thin and very light skinned patients.
  • Silhouette Lift threads are barbed so they expand beneath the skin to offer significant lifting while they remain fixed in place.
  • Our bodies naturally create collagen around the threads giving additional firmness to our skin.
  • The beautiful results of a Silhouette Lift are seen almost immediately.
  • The threads can be adjusted years after their original placement for additional lifting as the aging process continues.

How does a Silhouette Lift work?

At our plastic surgery offices, Dr. Wang will use very thin, long needles to place the clear, barbed, polypropylene threads under the skin. Once the threads are in place, the barbs open (like an umbrella) giving structural support and expanding the skin causing it to lay taut and smooth over the threads. Dr. Wang may then pull the threads and tie them creating the overall lifting effect. The threads retract beneath the skin so they are not seen or felt, but they can be progressively contoured over the next few days by Dr. Wang for additional lifting.

How long does a Silhouette Lift take?

For most of our Pasadena patients, the Silhouette Lift procedure takes less than an hour. The length of the procedure will depend on the number of threads to be placed and the target areas of treatment.

What areas of the face can be lifted with a Silhouette Lift?

At Wang Plastic Surgery in Alhambra, Dr. Wang treats the brow, cheeks, and neck for a gentle and natural looking lift.

Does a Silhouette Lift procedure hurt?

Many of our Pasadena patients feel little discomfort from the procedure. Most patients take Tylenol for pain relief and use ice compresses for the first two days after the procedure.

When can I return to work or normal activities?

There might be swelling and minor bruising for the first two to three days after the procedure. Most patients look great in make up after one to two weeks.

What is the recovery process?

The most important part of the Silhouette Lift procedure is the first three weeks of recovery. This is the time when your body will be producing collagen around the threads which is part of the enhancement. Keeping the threads in place and making minimal facial movements is important for the first three weeks. Because your recovery will be based on the number and placement of threads for your individual procedure, Dr. Wang will discuss your specific recovery needs during your consultation.

How long do the results last?

Silhouette Lift results may last up to 3 to 5 years. The results of each patient will vary depending on the number of threads used, the amount of sagging treated, the age of the patient at the time of the procedure and the resiliency and texture of the skin and underlying tissue. Additional threads can also be added to enhance the overall lift of the procedure if necessary.

Can a Silhouette Lift be combined with other treatments?

At our plastic surgery offices, serving the greater San Gabriel Valley, Silhouette Lift® procedures can be combined with BOTOX® Cosmetic, chemical peel, dermabrasion, and most of the Medical Spa Services offered at Wang Plastic Surgery. Silhouette Lift can be combined as part of the surgical facial rejuvenation to further enhance the final result.

The information about Silhouette Lift® is provided for Pasadena and Riverside area residents courtesy of Dr. Stewart Wang, board certified plastic surgeon.


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