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by Stewart P. Wang

Face lift, or rhytidectomy, typically is performed to remove excess or loose sagging skin from the face and neck. The extent of the procedure depends on what changes are desired and what Dr. Wang deems appropriate. When removal of pouches around the eyes is desirable, a Pasadena eyelid surgery procedure may be performed in conjunction with the face lift operation or as a separate procedure.

Face lifts offer very individualized results. The best candidates for the procedure are men and women who are experiencing sagging around the face and neck, but still have well-defined, strong bone structures and some skin elasticity. The procedure is typically performed on patients between the ages of 40 and 60, but can be performed on patients of all ages, even those who are in their 70s or 80s.

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If you are considering a face lift with Dr. Wang, take a moment to read how former patients put their trust in his detailed knowledge and personal care.


What are the common benefits of a facelift?

A face lift can result in a more youthful, fresher appearance of the face and neck.

How is a facelift performed?

Video: Your Guide to Facelift Facelifts are typically performed under local anesthesia, but Dr. Wang may choose general anesthesia. Because of the differing results that can be achieved, placement of the incisions and specific techniques may differ. However, Dr. Wang usually makes incisions above the hairline at the temples that extend to the front of the ear or just inside the ear, and continue behind the earlobe to the lower scalp or under the chin if the neck also requires work. Dr. Wang then separates the skin from the underlying fat and muscles, suctioning and trimming fat where necessary to improve contouring. Underlying muscle and membrane are tightened and the skin pulled back to remove any excess. When all unnecessary fat and muscle has been removed, the layers of tissue are secured with stitches and the incisions closed. Metal clips may be used to close incisions in the scalp. In some cases, a small thin tube may be temporarily placed under the skin behind your ear to drain blood and a wrap loosely applied around your head to minimize bruising and swelling.

How long will my Pasadena face lift take?

A facelift usually takes several hours, depending on the extent of the procedure. When other procedures are combined, more than one session may be required.

What can I expect after a facelift?

Your face is likely to appear pale, bruised and puffy, but this will subside in a few weeks. Fatigue and some numbness of the skin is often experienced, but there usually isn't significant pain. Dr. Wang may advise that you keep your head elevated and still for a few days after surgery to minimize swelling. Any drainage tubes and bandages will be removed within five days and stitches will be removed in about five days. Stitches in the scalp may be left in a few days longer. You will have scars, but they are normally hidden by your hair or within the natural creases of your face and ears and will fade in time. Read Dr. Wang's advice about recovery from surgery.

What is the recovery period like?

You should be able to move about in a day or two, but you should plan to take it easy for the first week after surgery. Be extremely gentle with your face and hair, since your skin is likely to be tender and numb. It is recommended that you get plenty of rest and avoid strenuous activities like sex and heavy housework for at least two weeks, though walking and stretching are fine. Alcohol, saunas and steam baths should be avoided for several months. As you heal, you may use special camouflage makeup to mask any remaining bruises.

How long before I can return to normal activity?

Most patients are able to return to work in ten days to two weeks.

Dr. Wang is highly experienced in satisfying the needs of his facial plastic surgery patients. Read how former patients have benefited from Dr. Wang's caring and personal approach.

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The information about Facelift is provided by Pasadena and Inland Empire plastic surgeon Dr. Stewart Wang, who is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

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