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Scar Revision

by Stewart P. Wang
Scar Revision in Pasadena and Inland Empire

A plastic surgeon's job is to try to minimize the disfigurement involved with a scar. Some unsightly scars can be excised and closed in such a way as to minimize their appearance. Burn scars may be removed and replaced with skin grafts to allow the skin's surface to have a more natural look. A hypertrophic or elevated scar may be planed down using the abrasive action of a method called dermabrasion.

While scars cannot be completely removed, Dr. Wang can improve their appearance and make them less obvious. Many factors affect the severity of scarring, such as the size and depth of the wound, the blood supply to the area, the thickness and color of your skin, as well as the direction of the scar. So, if you are considering scar removal it is important to consult a board-certified plastic surgeon who will help you determine the procedure that is best for you.

Now is a great time to schedule a consultation to discuss scar revision and to find out about your treatment options. Call Wang Plastic Surgery at (888) 360-6688 today to schedule your appointment.

What are the common benefits of scar revision?

Scar revision minimizes and improves the appearance of unsightly keloids, facial and hypertrophic scars. It can also relieve the discomfort of contractures, caused by burns or other injuries, which can restrict movement of muscles and tendons.

Will insurance cover my scar revision procedure?

It depends. While most insurance companies never pay for cosmetic procedures, coverage for reconstructive procedures varies greatly based on your insurance plan and the treatment you require. In some cases, an insurance company will pay for scar revision once the patient has satisfied all required co-pays. In other situations, the patient will be responsible for all costs associated with the surgery.

Because there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to insurance coverage for the reconstructive procedures we offer, please call us at (888) 360-6688 so we can review your case and give you specific details about your insurance coverage for the consultation and the procedure itself. Our goal is to help you maximize your insurance benefits before having to pay for your reconstructive procedure out-of-pocket.

How is scar revision performed?

There are several effective procedures for scar revision. The specific procedure used will depend on the type of scar and the results you wish to achieve. For instance, keloids are usually injected with a steroid injection to reduce redness, itching and burning. But both keloids and hypertrophic scars, which usually improve without treatment, may also be treated surgically. The scar of a contracture is usually cut and replaced with a skin graft or a flap. It can also be treated with Z-plasty, a surgical technique that repositions a scar to more closely conform it to the natural lines and creases of the skin. Facial scars can be treated with dermabrasion and laser resurfacing, which can significantly improve their appearance.

Skin grafting and flap surgery are more involved than other methods of scar surgery. They are more likely to be performed in a hospital under general anesthesia. Grafting involves transferring healthy skin from another part of the body to cover the injured area. Flap surgery, in contrast, is more complex and involves moving skin, fat, blood vessels and muscle to the injury site. Dr. Wang can help you determine which procedure is best for you.

How long does scar revision take?

The time required for scar revision depends on the type of procedure. Dr. Wang will advise you of the time required for your specific procedure.

What can I expect after scar revision?

You can expect some discomfort, swelling, bruising and redness in and around the area treated. Any sutures are usually removed in 5-6 days. Dressings may be required for up two weeks and topical medications may also be necessary to improve the healing. It may be necessary to repeat laser treatments for a more pleasing overall effect. Read Dr. Wang's advice about recovery from surgery.

What is the recovery period like?

During the recovery period your skin will require time to heal. You will usually be asked to limit your activity to lessen any stress on the area of treatment and to use cold compresses to reduce swelling. It is important to remember that scar tissue can take as much as a year or more to fully heal. Dr. Wang will monitor your progress, as well as advise you on what activities to avoid.

How long before I can return to normal activity?

Although you may be able to move about fairly quickly, Dr. Wang will advise you to gradually resume your normal activities.

Read Dr. Wang's advice about recovery from surgery.

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