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by Stewart P. Wang
Grow Eyelashes with Latisse in Pasadena and Inland Empire

Have you ever wondered if there was a more permanent alternative to heavily-caked-on mascara, expensive eyelash extensions, and sticky, uncomfortable false eyelashes? Well wonder no more; there is now a new FDA-approved eyelash growth treatment called LATISSE® (bimatoprost ophthalmic solution) 0.03%, which through regular use can give you more beautiful lashes from the inside out. This exciting product is available from Dr. Wang at his Facial Aesthetic Center of Excellence (F.A.C.E.) in Southern California.

Is LATISSE Right for Me?

There are many factors that contribute to an individual's eyelash fullness and overall health. Many times aging and cultural background play a big role in whether you have thick, healthy lashes or sparse, thin, lashes. Although LATISSE yields wonderful eyelash growth for Pasadena and Alhambra patients of all ethnicities and age groups, some groups seek treatment more readily because of their natural insufficiency in lash fullness.

Within the Asian culture, eyes are viewed as an especially important feature. Due to genetics, Asians tend to have sparse, thin, and straight lashes which can prove to be very difficult to curl, thicken, and darken with mascara alone. LATISSE can be especially helpful to our Asian patients who are trying, to no avail, to improve their eyelash growth with mere surface oriented products such as lash extensions, false eyelashes, and heavy mascara. Our focus is to "open up the eyes" for an alert and appealing aesthetic result. LATISSE has fabulous long term results and is an effective option for actually "growing" the lashes instead of using products that weigh down the weak lashes that are barely there.

For our "mature" patients we offer LATISSE as an option to regain the lashes they were blessed with years ago. With age, individuals tend to lose the fullness and length of their lashes, which in turn makes their whole appearance seem aged and weathered. LATISSE can help to halt the lash loss and regenerate growth on the lash line with amazing results.

How Does It Work?

Dr. Wang and F.A.C.E. now offer this easy-to-use topical treatment you apply directly to the lash line one time a day to help thicken, darken, and lengthen your own beautiful long-lasting lashes. According to clinical studies of LATISSE, in as little as four weeks, individuals started to see results and at 16 weeks lashes were 25% longer, 106% fuller, and 18% darker.

Much like a dermatological treatment that improves skin health, LATISSE improves eyelash health - working from the inside out. Instead of attempting to artificially enhance a lash deficiency as many cosmetics do, LATISSE gets to the root of the problem and helps you to produce new healthy, full, and dark lashes.

Many Southern California residents, including those from Pasadena and the Inland Empire, visit F.A.C.E. for a variety of non-surgical facial rejuvenation treatments including BOTOX® Cosmetic, dermal fillers, and Thermage® treatments.

To find out more about LATISSE, request a consultation online or call (888) 360-6688. Dr. Wang has convenient Southern California locations including Pasadena, Arcadia, and Upland.

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