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Eye Bag Surgery (Lower Blepharoplasty)

by Stewart P. Wang
Eye Bag Surgery in Pasadena and Inland Empire

Many people have baggy lower eyelids or puffy eye bags due to genetics or signs of aging. The cause of bagginess and puffiness of the lower eyelid is generally due to a combination of herniating fat, excessive skin, and edema (water retention).

Eye bag removal surgery or lower blepharoplasty helps to restore youthfulness to the face; despite the name this procedure covers surgery to remove excess skin and fatty tissue from above the eye, removing the hood of skin which can develop as we get older. It can also be used to remove excess fatty tissue and skin from underneath the eyes, and smooth wrinkles to corners of the eyes, often known as crows feet. Adding fat is done to improve a “hollowed” appearance.

Dr. Wang will make an incision below the lash line or an incision on the inside of the eyelid before removing any excess fat (often known as eye bags) and stretching the skin to ensure a smooth finish. Once the incision has been stitched, any excess skin will be removed and you will be left with smoother, younger looking skin underneath the eyes. Often, best results may be obtained with a combination of upper eyelid surgery, brow lift, or mid-facelift.

What are the common benefits of lower eyelid surgery?

Lower eyelid blepharoplasty alleviates the appearance of tiredness and old age beneath the eyes. The eyes appear rejuvenated and more youthful, and the results may last for many years. The degree of improvement varies from patient to patient.

How is Pasadena eye bag surgery performed?

While the patient is under local anesthesia, Dr. Wang makes incisions below your lower lashes. Through these incisions, Dr. Wang separates the skin from fatty tissue and muscle, removes excess fat and trims sagging skin and muscle. In instances where no skin must be removed, Dr. Wang may make the incision inside the lower eyelid. Once excess fat, skin, etc. has been removed, Dr. Wang closes the incision with very fine sutures.

How long does eye bag surgery take?

Eyelid surgery usually takes from one to three hours.

What can I expect after lower blepharoplasty surgery?

After the procedure, Dr. Wang is likely to lubricate your eyes with ointment and apply a bandage. Stitches will be removed two days to a week after surgery. You may experience soreness and tightness in your eyelids that can be relieved with medication as prescribed by Dr. Wang. You will be required to keep your head elevated and use cold compresses for several days to reduce swelling and bruising. You are also likely to experience excessive tearing, sensitivity to light and temporary changes in your vision.

What is the recovery period like?

During recovery back home in Pasadena or Riverside, your eyes may feel gummy for a week or so. Dr. Wang will show you how to clean your eyes. Dr. Wang may also recommend eye drops to relieve dryness, burning or itching. You should be able to watch television or read within two or three days. You will want to avoid contact lenses for about two weeks or until they begin to feel more comfortable. It is, however, recommended that you wear sunglasses and a sun block for eyelids to reduce sensitivity to the sun, wind and other irritants. Scars may remain slightly pink for six months or more, but will fade to a nearly invisible white line. Read Dr. Wang's advice about recovery from surgery.

How long before I can return to normal activity?

Dr. Wang may advise you to minimize your activities for three to five days and to avoid more strenuous activities — particularly those that raise your blood pressure — as well as alcohol, for about three weeks.

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