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Breast Implant Options

by Stewart P. Wang
Breast Implant Options in Pasadena and Inland Empire

Very simply, you are unique. Why choose one of the Pasadena or Riverside, California plastic surgeons who will recommend you opt for the same implants as the woman in the consultation before yours? Dr. Wang is proud to offer over 200 implant options to give you that custom, natural look you've always dreamed of. With so many choices, you may at first be overwhelmed, but rest assured that Dr. Wang will take the time to guide you through the choices you need to make to select the right implant for your Pasadena breast augmentation.

Choosing Saline or Silicone Breast Implants

You've probably heard about the re-approval of silicone implants for general use in 2006. Silicone is a naturally-occurring material that has been used in a variety of household and commercial products for decades. In 1992, after allegations that internal leaking of ruptured silicone implants could cause autoimmune and connective tissue diseases, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) asked surgeons to voluntarily limit the use of this type of implant in the majority of breast operations. After a decade of extensive silicone implant studies uncovered no serious adverse health impacts, the FDA decided to approve a new generation of cohesive gel silicone implants for all types of breast surgery, including augmentation and reconstruction.

With so many studies supporting silicone safety, don't let fear influence your decision. Instead, focus on your personal preferences for implant look and feel, and discuss these preferences with Dr. Wang. After doing the research, many women prefer cohesive gel silicone implants over saline, believing silicone looks and feels more like natural breast tissue. Dr. Wang is able to achieve very pleasing results no matter which filler material you choose.

Breast Implant Size and Profile

Often, women considering breast enhancement in Pasadena or the Inland Empire spend the most time debating what size of implant to select. It's a personal decision, but at your consultation, Dr. Wang takes a series of measurements that, when combined with your height, weight, and chest diameter, help him to recommend an attractive size based on his experience. You may already have an idea of what you want based on talking with a friend who underwent breast augmentation, but keep in mind that the same exact implant may look entirely different in two different women depending on a wide variety of factors.

While size is certainly important, women often don't realize that implant shape can have a huge impact on how large the breast appears. At your consultation, Dr. Wang will show you samples of various implant widths and depths (or projections). For instance, two implants may be the same size (meaning that they have the same amount of internal volume), but the narrower implant will stick out farther from the chest wall than the wider one. Wider, flatter implants are known as "low profile," and narrower, more projected implants are "high profile." In between, there are moderate and moderate-plus profiles.

Dr. Wang provides his Upland and Pasadena breast enhancement patients with suggestions and expert guidance so that they can make a satisfying choice. Moderate or moderate-plus implants produce ideal results for many patients who find that low profile implants seem too flat or high profile implants project out too far. Ultimately, the decision will be based on which implant size and profile best fits your body type and your goals.

A Textured or Smooth Breast Implant Cover

After selecting silicone or saline to fill the implant, you next need to make a choice about the implant covering material. This outer covering, or implant capsule, will be made of a silicone polymer, but its outer surface can be either smooth or textured. There are studies suggesting that textured capsules decrease the risk of capsular contracture, which occurs when the tissue surrounding the implant tightens and the breast becomes overly firm. However, recent research indicates that there is no difference in capsular contracture rates between women who chose smooth capsules versus those who choose textured ones. The nature of the texturing process requires that textured implants be slightly thicker than smooth implants, so textured capsules may be easier to see and feel through your skin, particularly if your existing breasts are very small.

Smooth breast implants are a great choice for most patients in Upland and Pasadena, California. This implant type has a more natural look and feel, and appears to be more durable. If you are worried about the risk of capsular contracture, this complication can be minimized by using submuscular implant placement and by massaging your breasts following the surgery to minimize scar tissue formation. Dr. Wang will help to walk you through this decision.

Breast Implant Shape

Some implants have a rounded shape, with a consistent amount of material contained throughout the implant capsule. Others are designed to mimic the natural droop of the breast, with more material filling the bottom of the implant than the top. These implants are referred to as "anatomical" or "teardrop" shaped.

While it makes sense that teardrop shaped implants would provide the most natural breast appearance, often round implants give a superior outcome. In fact, 60% to 75% of breast augmentation patients select round implants. At your consultation, Dr. Wang will help you decide on the implant shape that's right for you.

You deserve breast augmentation surgery that provides a natural look and feel. Dr. Wang offers the expertise to deliver the beautiful, individual result you expect. Request a consultation online to consult with the doctor at any of our two plastic surgery offices: the Upland office near Ontario and Rancho Cucamonga in the Inland Empire or our new Pasadena office. Or, call Wang Plastic Surgery at (888) 360-6688.

The following information about breast implant options is provided for Pasadena and Riverside breast augmentation patients courtesy of Dr. Stewart Wang, a board certified plastic surgeon in Southern California.


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